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Jean‑Baptiste Née

Born in 1986.
Studio at Chapal factory, Montreuil, France. 

French painter, set designer and plastic artist, graduated from les Arts‑Décoratifs, Paris, in 2012, Jean‑Baptiste Née works in the mountains and paints on location during immersive stays of several weeks or months. He meets painter Alexandre Hollan in 2005 and starts drawing from life along with him, in direct contact with nature. Since 2015, he gives a more important role to the elements : rain, snow, frost mark the paper and contribute to the making of the painting. He establishes his “great studio” in the Swiss Alps, or in the French Massif du Vercors – notably in winter –, as well as during long treks in the Italian Alps. In winter 2018, he works in Wudangshan and Lushan ranges, China, and develops an interest in the daoist idea of “Sky” [天] .

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